Three Things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents can’t stand in Georgia

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Continue reading so that you can keep your agent happy.

1. Are You Ready to Buy?

It is possible to think that you are ready for purchase, but this could be an illusion. You are ready to buy after being pre-approved for a loan and can shop within your price range.

Pre-approval does not mean you just have a figure from a lender but that you have also been through the actual underwriting process, including credit and income checks. Based on your final home price and appraisal, you know how much you can afford to borrow.

If your agent believes there is a lower-priced home that could be negotiated down for you, he/she will show it to you. This will allow you to shop within your budget. It is impossible to shop for homes that are higher than your budget.

Be ready to make an offer when you find the home that you love. You might not be ready for the purchase if you look at a house seven times and don’t make an offer. You might be holding back something, and you are wasting your agent’s time. You will lose the chance to buy in many real estate markets if you sit on the fence.

Rent to own homes might be the best option if the pre-approve process is unsuccessful. With rent-to-own houses in [market_place], you can start living in your dream homes while you fix the requirements that are stopping you from getting approved for your mortgage. Stop renting and start leasing to buy and save for a good downpayment while living in your dream home.

2. Take Advantage of the Time

The time that real estate agents spend to earn commission is valuable. A buyer can look at a house multiple times before making an offer. This is one way to waste time and money.

Buyers can find other ways to get past the time constraints and show respect for agents. It is unreasonable to expect your agent to be available at 11 pm when you find a listing online. It is possible that you are not able to view a specific home because the sellers have other conflicts, or you cannot schedule it.

Buying a house may be the most significant thing you do in your life right now, but it is not the only thing your agent cares about. While they can help you navigate the process and provide exceptional service, they are not available 24/7.

3. During the viewing process ignore the sellers

A two-way contract is necessary when buying a home. You, the buyer, have your wants and needs. The seller does too. This is something you need to remember. If you are critical of a house while you’re looking at it, real estate agents won’t be able to help you.

Don’t assume that you are the only one walking through a home. Negative comments about the home’s decor or style might cause the homeowner to be offended. They may not be as likely to negotiate. The seller may not offer you any concessions if you love the house. They know that you are in love with it and will not compromise on your desires. You should wait until you are back in your car before discussing the pros and cons of the house. It’s not the best idea to share your negotiation hand before you are ready.

Sellers want to sell at a certain dollar amount and close within a specified time. Sellers may not be willing to make repairs or offer concessions on every detail. You may not receive repairs after inspections, but you might get credit during the closing.

To keep your options open and develop a negotiation strategy, work with an agent in Atlanta to buy a house the conventional way or rent-to-own and follow the wise advice you are given. Trust your agent to do their job.