How can I find rent-to-own homes in Atlanta?

Know all terms and names: Lease/option, rent to own, and lease/purchase agreements are often interchangeable, depending on whom you ask.

Rent-to-own agreements

Are contracts where you agree to rent a property for a specified period and have the option to buy it before the lease ends.

Rent-to-own agreements can include a standard lease agreement as well as an option to purchase the property later.

Lease-option contracts allow you to purchase the home after the lease ends, while lease-purchase agreements require that you buy it.

The rent is payable throughout the lease. We have programs that will put aside a portion of the rent to be applied to the purchase price.

You may be required to maintain and pay for repairs under some rent-to-own contracts.

Although not all properties are advertised in this manner, technically, any property can be sold under a rent to own agreement.

We assist people like you in finding properties and making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

A lease agreement can be made with the option to buy any property for sale or rental.

There are many ways to calculate the numbers, and the trick is to use the calculator until you and the seller can find common ground and create an agreement that works for both the seller and buyer of the same property.

You can find many excellent properties in Atlanta on Zillow,, and Craigslist.

You can also call to ask them if they are open to a deal.

Although you’re likely to hear many people say no, it can be worthwhile investing your time if you hear yes

Remember that sellers are often looking to sell their property for the highest price and then walk away.

Although a lease with an option can be a great deal for both the buyer and seller, they are often only offered after the property has been listed for some time.

Real estate agents

might say no, but sellers are more likely to change their minds after their house is on the market. Advertisements such as “flexible seller” or “will consider terms”, often signify that the seller is getting increasingly desperate.

If you see an advertisement or sign offering seller financing, it’s a slightly different situation. The seller acts as a bank and grants you a loan, and the property becomes yours, and you could be sued for defaulting on the loan.

A rent-to-own agreement is a lease that includes the option to buy. The purchase doesn’t have to be completed, but you’ll lose your deposit.

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