Tips to Get the Best Price On Your Atlanta Home

a couple at a table reviewing classified ads

We all want the best price when we buy a house, and it would be foolish not to do so.
Negotiations are the most important part of home-buying. Here you can either get a great deal or lose a lot of money. You are more likely to win if you have some tried-and-true strategies and techniques.
These are some tips to get the best price for a home in Atlanta, Ga.

Don’t Be The First Person To See A Listed House

The best strategy for getting the lowest price on a home in Atlanta, Georgia, is not to be the first one to approach the seller. Sellers get tired of being watched over month after month, with no sales.
It is best to approach them once they have become exhausted, and this is when they are more likely to be open to making concessions in negotiations.
Houses that are languishing on the market for a while lose their appeal. So if you  can reach out to the seller after a home has been on the market for at least 30 days, you will have much more bargaining/negotiating leverage.

Come Armed With Knowledge.

When it comes to negotiations, knowledge is the power to get the best price for a home in Atlanta. You will be able to negotiate with the seller having more information and knowledge than you do. This includes knowledge about the current market conditions and the complicated closing process.
Here’s an example.
Buyers don’t know that they can order an independent appraisal before a contract is drawn up.
This will enable you to determine the actual value of your house, and you won’t have to work from the seller’s asking prices and her appraisal.

Boldly And Aggressive Make Your Offer To Purchase The House

While you don’t need to be pushy, it’s not a good idea to be a jerk. You will be able to negotiate well, especially when it is about your first bid.
You could, for example, offer 10% less than what you are actually willing to pay when you bid, which will ensure that your negotiation focus is on the bid amount, not the asking price.
If you have been preapproved and can make a substantial down payment, you will be able to apply pressure since you have greater financial leverage.

Show Empathy It Goes A Long Way

It can help you get the best price for a home in Atlanta.
Although this may seem contrary to the tip above, it is actually quite beneficial. It’s possible to be firm but still appear friendly and able to relate to the seller.
We all like people who like us. Try to imagine yourself as the seller during negotiations and see things from her point of view.
It is essential to create or at least make the appearance of a connection between you and your seller, a human connection that is empathetic. This will make the seller more likely to accept you and offer concessions or a higher price.

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