Don’t fall for these tricks when you buy a home in Atlanta

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Although many agents and sellers are honest and straightforward, there are still some that aren’t. Agents and sellers want to present their homes in the best possible light to attract potential buyers.
Some sellers take things too far and go over the line into manipulation and deception. This can often conceal serious flaws in the home. So don’t get taken in.
Keep reading to discover the top tricks you should not use when buying a house in Atlanta.

False Sense of Urgency

A false sense of urgency is one of many tricks sellers use to get buyers to sign up for their offers. Be aware of this tactic when buying a house in Atlanta.

It is important to instill a sense of urgency into your sales process. There are many methods to accomplish this, such as offering incentives or pricing a home at a competitive price. Unfortunately, some sellers revert to less-than-completely-honest tactics such as claiming multiple offers on a property when there aren’t, or putting false deadlines on accepting offers.” Here are some industry experts’ thoughts on this topic.

It’s important to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of practice. Do your homework to determine the property’s true worth and not allow outside factors to influence that price. A good idea is to work closely and collaboratively with a Atlanta representative to avoid falling prey to the false-urgency trap. For more information on how a local agent could assist you, call 678-337-1165.

Odor Concealment

Hidden odors, such as those that indicate mold/mildew, are another trick sellers use. Mold exposure can cause severe respiratory problems. If you purchase a property in Atlanta that has mold problems, it is likely that you will need to pay for long and costly mold remediation.

When a seller suspects that there are mold problems, she may attempt to mask it with the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies or other distractions. This can work since mold is usually hard to detect.

Although there are some exceptions, mold is generally hard to find. Mold can have a distinct odor, but it’s not the only indication that it might exist in a house for sale. Mold needs a moist, dark environment in order to grow and reproduce. It’s worth checking if an area in your home meets this requirement.

Most experts recommend that you include a mold inspection in your contingencies if there are concerns about mold. This information can be obtained by calling a Atlanta representative at 678-337-1165.

Downplayed Renovation Costs

While buying a fixer-upper can be a great way of getting a great deal on your home, you need to know the cost of necessary renovations and repairs. Many buyers don’t have the necessary knowledge to know how much it will cost to fix or renovate a house. Sellers might try to minimize these costs in order to sell the property. It is important to know that sometimes sellers will lower the cost of necessary renovations when you purchase a home in Atlanta.

According to industry experts, planning for contingencies when dealing with these properties is important. A conditional sale of the property is especially important. You are not obligated to purchase the property until all information is available.

To get a precise estimate of the cost of repairs/renovations, you can call in your contractor. You can also rely on the expertise of your agent in this area.

Listing-Photos Deception

Listing photos are essential to an appealing listing. They don’t tell the full story of buying a home within Atlanta.

Cleverly staged or carefully selected photos can’t always reflect the true story of a property. According to industry professionals, “A picture does not always tell the whole truth.” Be sure to check the location of the photographs taken for the property listing. Presenting a property’s best side is fair, especially in flyers or brochures is fair. But. Inspecting parts of the house that aren’t shown in photos is important. Many agents try to hide things that might lower the value of the home or need repair.

Appliance Deception

Then there are the tricks that appliance sellers may use to make you believe your appliances are more recent than they are.

This is a good tactic to use when purchasing a home. If they are old and need to be repaired or replaced, it can cause financial problems. A homeowner may not have maintained the home’s other areas properly if they have old appliances. Sellers might try to convince you that appliances are more recent than they are.

Sellers sometimes resort to this trick: They write in permanent marker a deceptive date and install date on major appliances, such as a furnace or water heater. While an expert inspector can usually spot such fraud, it’s still important to know it happens.

A Local Agent is Recommended When Buying a Home in Atlanta

You should be aware that these tricks exist so that you don’t fall for them. You don’t want these tricks to befall you if your goal is to buy a house in Atlanta. However, sellers can use other tactics and tricks, which often vary from one market. This is why it’s important that you work closely with a local agent in Atlanta.

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