Three Things to Consider When Buying a House Where You Can Also Manage Your Business in Atlanta

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More than half of all American businesses are home-based. Some of the largest companies were started as home-based ventures.
It can be difficult to find a home that is both suitable for your business and your daily living requirements. The house you purchase must meet your professional and personal needs if you own a home-based business.
You can’t make it violate any zoning restrictions. It must have the necessary space and be located in the right area if you want your business to thrive.
You should look at these three things when buying a house where your business can be run in Atlanta.

1. The Right Set-up, Restrictions, and Zoning

When buying a house at Atlanta, the first thing you should look at is the zoning regulations.

“Is the neighborhood zoned for home-based businesses?” You could be in trouble if the city or neighbor comes after you.
Many municipalities won’t allow home-based businesses. Others place strict restrictions on what type of business can be operated from a family residence in a residential area.
You can check your municipality’s zoning regulations.

An Atlanta agent will be able to assist you. To find out more, call 678-337-1165.

Other restrictions must be considered when buying a house. For example, you may need to purchase a business license to operate a business outside of your home.
You may also have to deal with restrictions and other prohibitions.

Change the exterior of your home to make it more business-friendly

  • Signage
  • Parking
  • Both noise and odors
  • Use of dangerous materials

The house must be suitable for your home business. You have to think beyond the standard list of wants and must-haves.

Do you require a separate office space? What amount of space do you require for products and supplies? Where will your customers or clients go if they come to your house?
A separate entrance from the living room or a waiting area may be necessary. Parking is also important.

Privacy is also an issue for your family and your customers/clients. Your family might need an area to live in that is separate from clients, so they don’t get interrupted by visitors.
You must also consider privacy for your clients.
A system will be required to protect confidential information and a private space to hold meetings.

2. A suitable and adequate work environment

A suitable and adequate workspace is another thing you should look at when purchasing a house where you can run your business in [market city].
A designated workspace is essential, whether it exists already or can be easily converted or added.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a large house, but it does suggest that your floor plan will allow you to have a workspace and a work/life balance.
Having your workspace away from the main living areas would be ideal. For example, a basement office. This ideal situation may not always be possible.
However, it is worth looking for a compromise.

Clients and customers may be visiting your home. You will need to consider their needs. Are you going to need an additional entrance or bathrooms?
How will you meet the parking requirements of customers/clients?

Your Atlanta agent will help you find the right house for you once you have determined what workspace you require.

3. Neighborhood Suitability

The house is not the only thing to consider when buying a house where you can run your business in Atlanta.
You should also consider the location, particularly the neighborhood. You should also consider the suitability of the area where your house is located for business.

How will the location of your home affect your home-based business? Consider how your new house will fit in with the surrounding neighborhood before you buy it.
It doesn’t really matter if you are delivering a product/service. You can travel out of town on an obscure country road, except for any additional travel costs.
If your home business is a way for people to come to you, they must be able to find it easily. You won’t have the ability to place signage in many cases.
However, you can put a small sign near your door or at your front door.

The Agent Advantage.

Your search for the perfect house can be difficult if you are not careful. It is easier to buy a house to live in than to purchase a property in Atlanta to start a business.
An experienced agent in Atlanta can help you find the right house. Contact us at 678-337-1165 if you want to buy a home where your business can operate in Atlanta.

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