5 Solutions to Help Anyone Buy Their First Home in Atlanta

Buying your first home is seldom easy. It can (and usually does) test your patience, your endurance, and your resilience – and there are many ways the whole process can slide sideways, resulting in a missed opportunity or (even worse) a purchase you come to regret. And that’s why most first-time buyers will benefit from … Continued

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying a House in Atlanta

After spending weeks or maybe months searching for the perfect house, the last thing you want is to find out you can’t buy it after all. There are several mistakes home buyers often make that land them in this situation, most of them financial mistakes. To help you avoid making these mistakes, here are 4 … Continued

How To Find More Buyers For Your House In Atlanta

HAve you found it difficult to sell your house in Atlanta? Selling your house via rent to own contract will help you find more buyers and get your asking price! Find out if it’s right for you in our latest post! As a home seller in Atlanta, you may have found that your property has … Continued

Benefits of Owner Financing for Atlanta Home Sellers

There are many benefits of owner financing for homeowners in Atlanta! Learn more about the perks of using a rent to own contract to sell your house in our latest post! Rent to own contracts are not standard boilerplate agreements. There are many aspects of the deal that can be modified to better suit a … Continued

5 Tips For Selling Your House Via A Rent To Own Contract in Atlanta!

Selling your Atlanta house can be simple when using a rent to own contract! There are several excellent benefits to selling this way that homeowners don’t always realize. Please keep reading the rest of the blog to learn more about some of these great benefits in our latest post! The Benefits of Selling A House … Continued

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Things To Know Before You Buy Rent To Own in Lawrenceville Ga

You have decided, its time to buy a house and you want to move to Lawrenceville, Ga? Have you considered starting with a rent to own agreement? The Process Of Buying A Rent To Own Home Many soon to be homeowners have found this an excellent way of moving forward with their dream of homeownership. … Continued