5 Ways Buying A Home To Live In Snellville Is Different From Buying AN Investment Property

Buying an investment property in Snellville is much different than buying a home of your own. Many homebuyers make the mistake of looking at these types of properties in the same way, which can hurt their goals. In our latest post, you will learn more about how the purchase of an investment property and the purchase of a home of your own are quite different processes! 

Investing in Snellville home for you and your family is one of the best financial decisions you can make. Finding the right property may feel like a challenge, especially when you are just starting. When buying your first house in Snellville , it is essential to understand that buying real estate for investment is much different than buying a home of your own. Keep reading to learn what makes the process so unique!


You Don’t Have To Like It.

a woman in a chair reading a tablet decorative An excellent investment property may lack amenities you would prefer, it may be too small, and it may not be in your preferred location. But guess what? You do not have to live there! If the demand is high and you have done the research to guarantee you will be able to get a great tenant or resell the property at a profit, that is all you need to know! A great investment property will suit the needs of your renter, not necessarily you. You can hate the cabinets, hate the wallpaper, and despise the yard, but if a property is going to provide you with an extra income each month, it will likely be the perfect addition to your portfolio.

On the other hand, when you are buying a home to live in, other considerations are more important. If you have children or children are a part of your future, then buying in a good school system will be a higher priority. A beautiful, updated kitchen and bathroom can be a necessity, not a luxury. Buy a home that is a comfortable size, suits your needs for now and the future. You will be living there for a few years.


The Numbers Have To Be There

a picture of a two story house decorativeWhen buying an investment property in Snellville , the numbers have to be there. It might be a hideous home you have ever seen, but if it is generating a high rent or if you can fix and flip for a huge return, you should go for it. When it comes to buying the right investment property, it does not matter so much as what it looks like, in person, it matters what it looks like on paper. Do the math, and if it fits the parameters you are after… it might be time to make an offer! When you work with our team to buy investment real estate in Snellville , we will provide you with a wealth of market and property information.

When buying your own home, you will share many of the considerations as if you were buying an investment property, but they get weighed differently when you make your final decision. No one wants to buy an ugly home to live in. While the purchase price may be attractive on paper, you will soon choose to move or improve on the look of the house. The math looks differently when you are buying your own home. Consider buying a house where you are paying no more than 30% of your income in monthly payments.

The house is considered profitable at that time because you must live somewhere, and you are paying for the quality of life.


You Don’t Have To Feel Committed.

Remember, this is an investment property, not your forever home. If the property does not work out as you had hoped, it will be easy to sell it without any real attachment. You can sell it and move on to something that may work better for your needs. When buying an a home similar to the homes in Snellville Georgiainvestment property in Snellville , if the numbers are there and the purchase makes sense, you can buy, without having to feel as committed as you would to a home of your own. You will be able to be free to take a shot at something that could end up being a real game-changer for your portfolio without feeling like you need to live there for the rest of your life.


Buying a home for your family is purchasing a forever home. Studies have shown that most people are selling a home 7-10 years after they bought it. That is a long time to live where you are not comfortable. This home is where the family will gather, and you will create lifelong memories. You want to choose a home you feel you can love for now and in the future.


Prepare For Competition From Other Investors

actress/model that are similar ages of buyes in snellville georgiaIf you are looking for investment property in Snellville , you are on to something good. The problem is, there are other investors just like you who are also looking to invest in this great area. You will need to be prepared to deal with competition from other investors. You will need to be able to make smart offers, negotiate, and do all the research required so you do not make a poor investment decision. It can be a lot of work to keep up with what other investors are doing, especially when you are just starting. By working with Fresh Start Home Sales, you will have access to the best investment properties available in the Snellville area without having to deal with all the hassles and competition.


When buying a beautiful home in the desired neighborhood, you will have a lot of competition for the best properties. That is true for both investment real estate and buying your own home.

When purchasing your own home, you must be prepared to make a reasonable offer on the house. We have seen too many people that watch late night tv shows that offer low ball offers and think that is a good strategy for buying your own home. That does not work. Sellers in most markets have the choice of buyers who want a beautiful house.


They will sell the house to someone else, and you will be disappointed. Instead, you would be better served to do careful research to see what the most recent sales are in the area and make an offer closer to that number. If the property is in high demand, be prepared to increase your bid to your highest and best offer as soon as the seller counters you.

One more thing that goes with both types of real estate investment and buying a forever home. That is, have a maximum price in mind before you go out looking. You do not want to be caught up in the emotions and pay too much.


You Can Avoid The MLS Completely


models illustrating mother and child who are similar to home buyers in snellville georgiaIf you are thinking about buying an investment property in Snellville , one of the best ways to do it is to work with a professional home buyer. At Fresh Start Home Sales, we acquire properties at a tremendous value and pass those savings on to the buyers we work with. We make it easy for you to avoid the work, competition, and run around people often face when looking for deals on an investment property in Snellville .

When buying your own home, the MLS is your friend. It allows you to see all the homes that match your criteria in one place. You get to see inside of the house and get a feel for the neighborhood amenities.

Either way, you wish to proceed we can help you to find a great home to live in or a great investment property in Snellville, Georgia

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