5 Reasons To Buy a House via Rent To Own in Atlanta

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Buying A Rent To Own Home Is Smarter Than Renting 

August 11, 2020

By dbronx

Your bank told you that you don’t have enough down payment and your credit score is not high enough to buy that dream home

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Many renters dream of owning their own home in the Atlanta and Gwinnett County Area of Georgia. If you have decided today is the day you start preparing to own your home, you can become frustrated that when you find the perfect house, you cannot buy it. You make a good living, you have been on your job for over a year, but you still are not quite ready to buy. 

Its time to consider Rent To Own Homes to buy your next home in the Atlanta North Metro Area. Keep reading how this all works to come! 

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You have likely heard of using a rent to own agreement to buy a house in the Atlanta and Gwinnett County Metro Area. Many people are not aware of this option, or they heard that it is more expensive to go this way or that the properties are in bad shape.  

This is not true. Gather your pen and paper calculate the amount you are paying for rent vs. the many advantages of a lease to program, rent to own in Atlanta Metro Area merely the obvious choice. Let’s Explore some of the many benefits of rent to own homes in the Atlanta Metro North Areas. Learn more about some of the great benefits in our latest post!

You Won’t Have To Wait.

Buying a rent to own home, you won’t have to wait while your dream home passes you by. You’ll be able to buy the home you have always wanted… much sooner than you may think. Instead of paying rent each month, you will be building equity and finally putting your money toward something tangible. Paying rent each month can be very frustrating when all your want to do is buy a house in Atlanta. Buying a Rent to own home can help to make your dreams a reality.

Stop Throwing Your Money Away

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Paying rent each month can feel like you are throwing your money away. Thousands of dollars spent each year, with nothing to show for it. But what if those rent payments were adding up, helping you secure a home purchase, and build equity instead of helping someone else pay off their mortgage? Buy using a rent-to-own program agreement; you will be able to put your money toward something real, which will only benefit you.

You Don’t Need A Huge Down Payment.

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Saving up a downpayment for a traditional loan can seem challenging, especially in today’s day and age. Trying to put away 20% can take some homeowners a long time. Paying rent while saving for a down payment can feel counterintuitive. However, when you buy a house via rent to own in Atlanta, your down payment will be much smaller. In most cases, you will need to provide the homeowner with some sort of down payment to secure the deal. However, the terms and costs can always be negotiated. You will not have to come up with 20% to buy the home. In some cases, the down payment made to the homeowner can go toward your down payment to the bank when the time comes.

You Won’t Have To Move.

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Are you renting a house from a landlord who may be interested in selling? Talk to them about a rent to own opportunity and how it can help benefit both of you. You will be able to buy a home finally, and they will be able to sell for their asking price while generating monthly income in the meantime. Rent to own agreements can be a win-win for all parties involved.

Working with your current landlord to set up a rent to own agreement may be the easiest way for you to become a homeowner. You must work with a professional to ensure all aspects of the transaction are handled legally to avoid any discrepancies with the homeowner down the road. At Fresh Start Home Sales, we can help you set up this agreement accurately and in a way that everyone will benefit from this arrangement.

Get The Time You Need

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The great thing about buying a home via rent to own in Atlanta is that you will be able to secure a home purchase while you save up your cash and improve your credit score

You’ll be able to put down roots and add personal touches to the house that will make it really start to feel like your home. Using a rent to own agreement to buy your house in Atlanta Metro Area will help you buy the home you have always wanted faster than you may think.

If you are ready to buy a house in Gwinnett County, Ga, but aren’t sure you will qualify for a traditional loan, a rent to own agreement may be the solution for you! Our team can help you find the right property, create a legal and straightforward agreement, and help to ensure you are buying a home that won’t spell trouble for you down the road. We will help you take all of the details into consideration so you can create an agreement that makes sense!

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how to buy a house via rent to own in Atlanta! Call now to learn more! 678-337-1165